Why do I feel like I’m useless? I did my best at everything I do. I pour my heart at everything I do. I even take criticisms as constructive, yet I feel that all I do is useless all the time.

Why do I feel like I’m being resented by everyone around me? Like all I bring is negativity and all I receive is flak.

Why do I despise interacting with people? I feel that I don’t care about people, yet I feel that people will judge me for who I am.

Why do I feel like a disappointment? People are rooting for me, yet all I do is crash and burn. Like I feel that I’m a failure.

Why do I feel like I’m an outcast? Why do I feel like disappearing for good?

Why do I feel mediocre? Like it’s never enough; like all I do can be so much more.

Why would I just disappear to make everyone happy? I was just a burden in their lives so it’s fine to vanish, right?


Welcome to my blog!

Hey there, my name is Gumiho-san and welcome to my blog! In advance, I would like to say thank you for visiting this blog site of mine because I am just learning how to be a blogger.

I have several plans to create good quality in this site, and I would like to see the results coming from these. And I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts here which may be really random, hehe. :^)

And that’s all for today and I hope to see you again!