Muck and Mud

Just two cents of my mind: I am truly dismayed with the elections in my university right now. It is downright dirty to the core, and both parties have done wrong things, in my opinion. Even if I lean in one party, I cannot deny the fact that they have also done wrong things.

Honestly, I hate people who slings mud to others just because what they think is right. Do not berate them, be silent and let the awful smell surface out of them. Or if you want to kill them with kindness, educate them. Teach them what is wrong with it, not call them out. I heard in some people in their organizations not exercising their right to vote who they want to; they impose that they should vote people in the political party their organization is affiliated to. It is a big irony, really.

You hate the monster, yet you act like one? I guess that is a “shame on you” coming from me.

On the other side, do not make yourselves look like a smart ass, which in reality does not know what he/she is talking about. You should be more aware of the things that are happening in the university and the sectors around it. And no, neoliberalism and imperialism is bad to us. And telling that the protests are “uncultured” and uncivilized” makes me think: what if the government strip your rights which are the fruits of the struggles of people who fought for it? So much for your privilege. And no, you should feel the struggles of the students because you are one, and you should also know what is happening to the sectors in the university.

You seek to be the leaders of this university yet you are not aware what’s happening around you? I guess that is a “shame on you” coming from me.

This made me realize that the university is a microcosm of the Philippine society. One must realize: there are no “saints” in this society we live in times of elections, they will exploit any means just to get the votes.  I guess I can say that we all have their own kind of “evil” lurking in us. But as I said, this is just my two cents. And this thought makes me chuckle every single time.


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