Another semester has ended again. There are so many things that happened this year. It seems like I outlasted all of my subjects. I became an emotional train wreck. I found myself. Well, let us congratulates ourselves!

Earlier, we are in the jeep together. I would buy you some antihistamine just because you accidentally drank a cup of coconut whiskey, which tastes like a mix of vinegar and vodka, and I just found our that you have an allergy on alcoholic drinks. You could’ve just told me that. I would drink all of that whiskey of yours when you’re losing on the bobo game. You were swelling as we’re going home. Well, I hope that you are okay there in home and took some antihistamine to alleviate what you are feeling.

Yet I cannot find the courage to confess to you. I don’t know when will I be able to confess to you; maybe time will tell. Maybe I’m very afraid telling what I feel.


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