Work Ethics

If you are:
1) Taking all the credit all by yourself even if everyone did their part to finish the work.
2) Speaking bad things about your work mates and praising yourself too much to other people.
3) Taking most of the tasks yet you’re not doing it or messes it up, giving more stressful workload to your work mates.
4) You pressure others to the point that someone does get the job inadequately.
5) You have good connections to your boss and you use it to your own advantage to handicap your work mates.
Well bad luck, you have a bad work ethic. At least these are the qualities to determine to tell whether your work ethics is bad or not, in my perspective.
Yes, I may have those qualifications that I have a bad work ethic. But hey, at least I’m not a hypocrite. I hope that I could change it when I am still in college before I venture out to the real world. Reality outside the school will be a painful experience if you still have these qualities, because you can make mortal enemies in the workplace with that attitude of yours.

This was inspired by a post in the Humans of New York Facebook page.

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