I am travelling in a desert, far away from the civilization that I know. My throat is parched, the rays of the sun reaches its zenith, the heat is getting stronger & stronger.

As I travel further to the desert, my water supply runs out. I started searching for a source of water, but I found no source of water nearby. My desire of getting water begins to be stronger as the heat of the sun starts to intensify. I started to walk fast, then ran as fast as I can just to find water.

Then I found a person standing far away, so I walked towards that person. As I go near, I recognize that person. It was you; the person that I adore. “Why are you here?”, I asked. You did not respond. Maybe you were here because you followed me. Then I rushed to you hoping that you will save me from this miserable experience. Then you disappeared just as I go and embrace you. It was just a mirage; a mere hallucination made by my desires of you.

Realizing this, I knelt to my knees and my tears started to flow. Maybe I deserved to be here, I deserved to die alone without seeing your face. Then as I rise my head and accept my grim fate I saw something shining. There was an oasis in front of me. I cried again but this time, I cried for joy. Maybe you were guiding me, even if you’re not even here in the first place.

Thank you, my love. Thank you for being an illusion. Thank you for giving me a reason to live. Even if you were just an illusion, you guided me to my life.


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